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ELST; Lw Surface Tension Technology offers best cleaners : DITEC

Low Surface Tension; The main task for any cleaner

Surface tension is one of the most important factors to be considered when designing cleaning products. It is a physical phenomenon caused by coherence of other molecules, such as dirt and oil, to another surface.

Differences in surface tension creates fluid dynamic. A fluid with higher surface tension pulls another liquid with lower surface tension towards itself, based on a principal known as Marangoni Effect. The above picture shows how the white surfactant is pulled into the dyed dark liquid.

All detergents and soaps are made to reduce the surface tension in the water, so that it soaks into the pores and helps to remove the dirt from the surface. However, DITEC's use of Extreme Low Surface Tension Technology offers a significantly better fluid dynamic than any other alternative in the market.

When compared with 15 best brands of surfactants in the world, our alternative have, in fact, been three times more effective in lowering surface tension than the best of the 15 brands in the test group.

Our cleaning products employ an innovative engineering to reduce the surface tension to extremely low levels and therefore offer unmatched cleaning abilities. This is due to the ability of the cleaning product to penetrate deeper under the soil and dirt and makes a more effective cleaning with unmatched result possible.

ELST technology enables us to provide consumers products with higher performance and better environmental profile without incorporating surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS, SLES) or cleaning agents such as glycol ether. Moreover, it incorporates powerful and effective cleaning abilities into our products combined with excellent rinsing properties. Simply a cleaning task is performed faster, better, cheaper and more environmental than any other alternative in the market.