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In some cases, we have to make the preservation and protection coatings invisible. The surface simply does not allow any thick coating to be applied due to physical, practical or aesthetic reasons.

As example, glass surfaces must be protected with an invisible layer. This coating may not interfere with the reflection and the transparency of the glass surface, while it is protecting the surface from mineral deposits and deterioration. In these cases we employ a cutting edge molecular engineering to protect the surface.

By designing a set of specially engineered molecular components, which are activated at the point of application and create a protective barrier over the surface, we can create a durable and effective protection. SAM™ (Smart Assembling Molecules) are designed specifically for each application.

When a product containing SAM™ components has been applied to the surface the SAM™ particles start acting as parts of a jigsaw puzzle that join together in a perfect order without an obvious driving force. SAM™ creates a tight and non-porous molecular binding with the surface and becomes actively hydrophobic. This property provides a durable and ultra thin protection to the surface, which is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel. glass, paint and other surfaces will stay shiny and protected even in harsh marine environment or in areas with high levels of pollution or dust.

SAM's protective effect last up to 2 years in normal conditions, and shows increasing life span with periodical application. Metalon PX, Auto PX and Gelcoat PX use SAM™ Technology in combination with their cleaning and polishing abilities, in order to protect the cleaned and polished surface without any additional application of other preservatives.

The picture bellow illustrates the SAM™ components before and after assembling. Wedge-shaped SAM particles start out in disarray and after self-assembling process end up as rings.