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DITEC International

DITEC's vision

Cities that maintain a well-balanced relationship between people and the Earth

A place in harmony with our natural environment. A change in our life style to the next level of Innovation, where technology, environmental and personal safety are obvious elements in our economy and daily lives.

We believe that we can provide new products and services by combining our knowledge of sustainability and advanced technology in order to offer better performance in fusion with a cleaner and better environment. We don't need to compromise, we just need to avoid stagnation in old concepts and stop using obsolete products.

Why we need to renew our technology and change lifestyle?

Our environment is rapidly changing and we affect our ecosystem more everyday. We need to value our lives and take responsibility for next generation in a growing society. Human race wouldn't be able to come this far if it didn't implement innovation and science as a central pillar in its plans for the future and the only way to get further is to use the same attitude and innovate new solutions.

Who has the responsibility?

At DITEC we believe that change starts with us. We have to provide our clients with products that fulfills all requirements. As a manufacturer of chemicals, it is our responsibility to innovate new solutions to meet the societies need more efficiently while maintaining high environmental and safety standard.

With the environment as our most precious asset, DITEC provides products and services that are unsurpassed in quality and performance. Further, these products comply with and exceed the highest environmental regulatory requirements in the world.

We don't use harsh and harmful chemical ingredients such as Teflon©, acids, bleaches, glycol ether, alkyl phenol ethoxylates, phosphates, nitrates, ammonia, kerosene, thickeners, dye, optical brighteners, etc. in our products. These components have not only been known to cause dangers to our health and ecosystem, but also fail to deliver performance.

We have proven that an environmental approach to our needs is not, in any shape or form, in conflict with better performance or macro/micro economical principals. We neither compromise our environment nor the performance and quality of our products. We believe that caring about the environment is as important as providing quality products to our clients.

We cannot ask our clients to use ineffective green products nor can we provide them with effective hazardous alternatives. Therefore our products:

◦ offer superior performance
◦ leave a smaller foot print
◦ are easier to apply
◦ save time and manpower
◦ are more economical
◦ deliver results which are Second To None and exceed expectations
◦ AND finally, are environmental

It Is About Science, Technology & Social Knowledge

Global environmental change

Consumers are concerned with the performance of the cleaning and maintenance products they purchase. Therefore, DITEC products have been engineered to meet the most demanding expectations.

Our products perform better than what is generally known as “Industrial Grade” or “Heavy Duty”, through purposeful design.

Changing lifestyles

The global environment in which we all are depended, is significantly changing. We need to change as well to ensure our welfare and increase our standards. A change of lifestyle is about changing from dysfunction to function, from danger to safety, from filth to health.

It is about a Innovation where a fusion between science and environment is made by changing our lifestyle. We are the link between the two.