ditec-int-mapWe are DITEC® International trademark rights holder and the exclusive supplier of DITEC® Professional Car Preservation Systems and Products all over the world.

Perhaps you are interested to represent our brand and services in your country; you are warmly welcome to make an appointment and visit our headquarters in Malmo – Sweden. You will be picked up at the nearest airport and booked into the nearest hotel. We offer you a tour of our DITEC Center so that you may gain insight into the business.

All new Ditec centers are equipped with full product training.



DITEC® Brand

As DITEC® trademark rights holders we are concerned about our customers worldwide. If you have purchased Ditec goods and services, or have been offered the rights to the trademark suspected as counterfeiting, we would be grateful if you report it to us so we can start an investigation.

Our brand and product logo has two looks. One for darker backgrounds and one for lighter backgrounds.


Other DITEC names

There is companies and products that is called ”DITEC” that have other purposes and another type of business. To prevent confusion when you google the word DITEC we have listed few examples of other DITEC´s.

Ditec Entrematic Door manufacturer, Ditec Comunicaciones, Ditec remote controls, Ditec Data Information Tech., DiTec Faculti of Health, DiTec GmbH & Co., Ditec bronchial meds., Ditec Automation Group.


DITEC USA Trademark

To avoid misunderstandings, the following domains have been transferred to us and are under our ownership from today

  • ditecauto.com
  • ditecusa.com
  • ditecaero.com
  • ditecmarine.com
  • ditecinternational.com
  • ditecsoftware.com


For inquiries and questions

Head office:

DITEC International AB

+46 10 344 74 50
CET. Monday- Friday  08:00 – 16:00