When we take care of a car, we do our utmost to restore the car to as close to new condition as possible. This service resources both the exterior and the interior.

Exterior Car Care
Bodywork and wheels are degreased with an environmentally friendly alkaline degreasing agent and then washed thoroughly so that the car gets really clean. The paintwork is machine polished with a polishing agent who adapts to the condition of the paintwork to remove scratches and oxides. Finally, we put on a wax that gives long-lasting protection against dust, salt and traffic film. The windows are cleaned, rubber moldings and tires sides are treated. If there are any stone chips, we repair them if you help us with the original paint.

Interior Car Care
The car is vacuumed in the passenger compartment and trunk. The windows, the dashboard and other plastic and rubber parts are made immaculately clean. The door edges are waxed. The purpose of the treatment is to make the entire interior feel fresh and the car as fresh as new. If you have stains on seats or other textiles, you can also book upholstery cleaning.