Always see the road clearly with headlight restoration


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When it comes to driving at night, one of the most important factors to enforce road safety is visual perception. Research indicates that the darkness of the night can cause people to have difficulty focussing their vision, which can be dangerous for after dark driving. Road safety conditions can be compounded even more if you have old, scratched, and discoloured headlights, as these reduce the brightness the lamps produce.

Make sure your vision is roadworthy, even during at night, with the help of DITEC headlight restoration for any brand of headlight.

Headlights usually come with a protective coating that shields it from natural elements such as sunlight and rain. However, exposure to ultraviolet rays, rain, and caustic chemicals, and inevitable contact with road debris such as stones and sand can cause this protective coating to deteriorate over time. If left unattended, small surface cracks may begin forming on the surface in an occurrence called crazing. This can have a significant effect on the quality of illumination provided by the lenses.

According to research, crazing can reduce the light output of lenses by 70 per cent. When this happens, night time visibility is impaired even further.