Ditec International AB (556958-4054), hereinafter referred to as “DITEC”, develops, manufactures and markets products for car paint preservation and similar vehicle protection services under the brand Ditec, licensed to Ditec Centers around the world via a franchise setup. When you purchase or order services by DITEC, DITEC will need to process your name and contact information to contact you as a result of the service you purchased or ordered, as well as any other information required for the performance of the service and the ability to pay for the service. DITEC also reserves the right to use your name and your contact information for direct marketing purposes for a maximum of one year from your last purchase from DITEC. After that, your personal data will only be stored to the extent necessary for DITEC to defend itself against claim claims, as well as for purely accounting purposes and otherwise as provided by law.

If you do not consent to this, your personal information will not be processed in any other way or for any purpose other than those described above and will not be disclosed to third parties.

You are always entitled to request access to, correction or deletion of, the data stored or otherwise processed by DITEC and relating to you as a person. You may also request a limitation on the usage of your personal data, and you may object to any processing and a right to data portability. If you believe that DITEC acted in violation of the Data Protection Ordinance, you have the right to appeal to the Data Protection Inspectorate (which will be named the General data protection regulator or GDPR).

In order to process your personal data for purposes other than those described in the first paragraph, DITEC requires your consent in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance. Consent is given by ticking the boxes for consent below. You are never forced to consent to DITEC, and the consent does not affect your ability to enter into an agreement with DITEC for the purchase of a service.

The person who gives their consent to an agreement always has the right to recall it afterwards. Consent can be recalled by contacting DITEC by e-mail at the address below. Enter what consent you want to recall in your email. A revocation of consent will only affect such processing of your personal data that occurs after the revocation.

DITEC is currently collecting consent for two different purposes. The various purposes relate to different categories of personal data.

Consent to direct marketing and obtaining information about future offers and news, relates only to your name and contact details. The data will be processed for a period of five years after your last purchase of a DITEC service. If consent is not given, you will not automatically receive such information, but will be obliged to keep yourself updated on future offers and news from DITEC.

Since this information is directed to the person to whom it relates, it is important that this information be taken as part of the personal information. DITEC does not accept that DITEC leaves personal information by anyone other than the person concerned without their consent. By clicking in what you have read and accessed this information, you also agreed that you are either the person to whom submitted the personal data or that you have obtained a legally binding consent from that person to submit the data to DITEC for the treatment referred to.


The personnel responsible for the data is at:

DITEC International AB, 556958-4054
Cypress Road 29
213 63 Malmö
Mail: gdpr@ditec.eu
Web: www.ditec.eu