A visit to Ditec in Switzerland – Mikael and Tanja from Hallauer AG.

Steven Sluyter from Ditec International paid a visit to Ditec in Switzerland. Mikael and Tanja Hallauer from Hallauer AG Carrosserie/ Spritzwerk were the hosts and had invited some Ditec Swiss partners to be updated on the latest Ditec car preservation technique .. “Ditec ceramic ultra”.

There were 5 cars at Hallauer Ditec center ready for Ditec ceramic Ultra preservation.
All the participants at the Ditec training had accomplished the job to a high standard and were very pleased with the results. Now they are eager to offer Ditec ceramic ultra preservation to their customers.

If you are in Switzerland ,you can get in touch with Mikael and Tanja Hallauer for Ditec car preservation systems

Hallauer AG
Carrosserie | Spritzwerk
Dorfstrasse 31
5512 Wohlenschwil
Tel. 056 451 11 00 Administration
Tel. 056 451 11 77 Werkstatt
Fax 056 451 11 78 Werkstatt