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Environmental Policy

Environmental key chain

We actively work towards a cleaner business with minimal environmental impact. Car care is an industry that can have a negative impact on the environment if not conducted in the right way. Therefore, Ditec has some common goals and guidelines on how we can be environmentally friendly.


Ditec adheres to the laws and guidelines concerning environmental issues in our industry. This applies to both working methods and the use of environmentally friendly products that meet all requirements.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Ditec does not use stronger products than necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. We primarily use products that are fully biodegradable, resorting to stronger products only when needed. We avoid overdosing through the correct dosage of products. We require that our suppliers have made significant progress in environmentally friendly products. Approval through the Swan Label helps ensure this.

Trained Personnel

Our Ditec centers are responsible for ensuring that all staff are familiar with the chemicals and are updated on current laws and guidelines regarding the environment. An environmental folder with safety data and guidelines from labor laws should be available, and all staff should know where it is.

Clean Discharges

Ditec will ensure that wastewater from car washing is clean by using available technology. Oil separators are a minimum requirement. They should be emptied at least twice a year, and a level alarm should be installed. Water recycling and purification systems are recommended if the number of car washes is high.


In the long run, all Ditec centers should set a goal to undergo environmental certification.