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Ditec® Original

Ditec® Original paint protection is a well-proven polymer-based treatment and one of the best-selling in the market.

Suitable for those who want
  • Natural glossy finish
  • 9 year guarantee

About the product

Ditec® Original is where it all started! Our classic paint preservation with its roots from early 70s, is still today one of the most appreciated paint preservations on the market.

It’s a polymer based two component treatment which leaves a natural shiny, smooth, and nice surface on the paintwork. The sealed surface protects against UV rays, acid rain, salt, asphalt, and traffic film. While it doesn’t provide the same water-repellent features as our ceramics, it excels at maintaining a beautiful gloss.

For nearly 50 years, we’ve coated hundreds of thousands of cars, leaving behind satisfied customers and stunning results. When you choose this treatment for a new car, we guarantee a preserved shine throughout the 9 year system warranty. Just remember to schedule a maintenance treatment every 18 months or every 20,000 km to keep that sparkle and warranty going strong.


  • Protection against dirt and air pollution
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Easier to wash
  • Prevents early rust attacks
  • Increased resistance to minor scratches in the paint
  • Natural glossy finish
  • Increased protection against salt
  • Deep and clear color in the paint

Paint structure/composition

Sorted by layers*

Ditec Ceramic Plus and Light is a one layer coating
  • 1

    Ditec® Ceramic Orginal - Coat

  • 2

    Clear coat, 38 μm

  • 3

    Paint, 13 μm

  • 4

    Primer, 8 μm

  • 5


*The μm value can vary from car brand to car brand.