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Frequently asked questions

  • What does it take to be able to offer Ditec treatments in your business?

    Together with our distributors, we only work with ambitious and serious car care companies, all of which undergo training and certification of their staff for our products, systems and methods.

    We’re not only building the ultimate paint protection system
    – we’re building artists.

    If you want to know more or are simply interested in becoming a member of the Ditec organization, please contact one of our distributors.

    You can find our Distributors here

    If we don’t have a Distributor in your market, and you’re interested in becoming a Distributor, please contact us through this form:

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  • Why do you have several different paint protection treatments in your range?

    We know that car owners have different requirements and ambitions in both their choice of car and purpose of the car. They can also have different lifestyle factors that affect everyday life and finances that can form the basis for the individual needs.

    Most car owners ultimately want to take care of their car. We therefore offer several treatments to be able to offer highly attractive alternatives for the different needs. This benefits both the end customer who buys the treatment and those who are connected to the Ditec Organization, who perform the treatments.

    All our treatments are aimed at preserving the car’s finish and value over time. Through certified professionals, high-quality products and a fantastic passion, we can, in combination with a clear and well-proven system warranty, achieve just that. Not only initially, but over a long period of time.

    To sum up the difference between our treatments, they all have a huge positive effect on the shine, making it easier to take care of the car and give the paint increased resistance. We help car owners find the best option based on their environment and needs.

    Check out our full Paint Protection System here 

  • What do I do after I have had the car treated by Ditec?

    With our professional pride, high ambitions and passion for shiny vehicles, we also have knowledge and good advice to convey about how a car should be cared for, treated or not.

    We are of course more than happy to help car owners both understand what is required and offer these both guidance and options for how this is best achieved.

    In our warranty documents for our treatments, there are clear instructions for the warranty terms and also care instructions. On our products that are sold there are user instructions and all our Ditec partners can give you great tips along the way and most of these offer all or part of our range of maintenance products, popular and appreciated regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional.

    The partner who performed the basic treatment, will contact their customer when it is time for service maintenance according to the system warranty for the treatment in question, all via our business and booking system.

  • What is the Ditec system warranty and do modern paints really need a paint protection treatment?

    In fact, there is less paint on cars today than before – a trend that continues. The cars paint has the basic task of protecting the sheet metal from corrosion, and also make sure that the car is nice to look at.

    Our basic treatment makes sure to both greatly increase the paints shine, as well as make it really easy to care for. Desirable in order to be able to both enjoy the car’s finish and preserving the value of it. A well-maintained car is worth more in many different ways!

    The Ditec system warranty is included if the car undergoes maintenance yearly or at fixed intervals. Our Centres and Partners make sure to contact the car owner when the time comes – similar to servicing the car mechanically. It is wise to continuously maintain the paint and its gloss-retaining treatment.

    We can confidently vouch for the fact that through our treatment execution and range, we can ensure that the car has a top-notch shine and makes maintenance of the car easy – through the scope of the system warranty.

    Ditec is a well-proven car care concept. We have been offering paint protection treatments since 1977.

  • How often should a Ditec-treated car have a maintenance check?

    Ditec Ceramic Ultra and Ditec Ceramic Plus should have a maintenance check every 12 months.

    Ditec Original should have one every 18 months.

  • Can a Ditec-treated car be washed in a machine wash?

    We do not recommend machine washing, as this can affect both paint surfaces and rubber/plastic adhesives on the car. (NB! This also removes the paint guarantee provided from Ditec).

    When the vehicle is treated with a Ditec Treatment the vehicle will be easier to maintain, making it more enjoyable to hand wash.

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