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Ditec® Ceramic Plus

Ditec® Ceramic Plus is a single-step ceramic coating that gives your car an outstanding shine.

Suitable for those who want
  • Exceptional shine
  • 6 year guarantee

About the product

Ditec® Ceramic Plus is a gentler version of Ditec Ceramic Ultra, giving the vehicles excellent protection with a brilliant shine. It resists harsh detergents, repels water, and fights dirt.

We prep it the same as Ceramic Ultra, and after application, it forms a glass-like shell for extreme shine. While not as tough as Ceramic Ultra, it’s stronger than Ceramic Light.

Ditec® Ceramic Plus is one of our top seller — easy to apply and performs great. It shares the tech of Ditec® Ceramic Ultra, but is a one-step coating with awesome gloss and water resistance. It’s tough against chemicals, UV rays, and scratches.

It has a 6 year guarantee if the customer follow our maintenance plan every 12 months or 20,000 km.


  • Protection against dirt and air pollution
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Easier to wash
  • Prevents early rust attacks
  • Increased resistance to small scratches in the paint
  • Clear lacquer surface Increased protection against salt
  • Deep and clear color in the paint

Paint structure/composition

Sorted by layers*

Ditec Ceramic Plus and Light is a one layer coating
  • 1

    Ditec® Ceramic Plus - Coat

  • 2

    Clear coat, 38 μm

  • 3

    Paint, 13 μm

  • 4

    Primer, 8 μm

  • 5


*The μm value can vary from car brand to car brand.