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Ditec® Cleaning Products

Ditec® Cleaning Products are specially crafted to shield the paint. From gentle shampoos to powerful degreasers and targeted spot removers, these products got the paint protection covered.

Suitable for those who want
  • High quality products
  • Full cleaning system

About the products

Ditec® Cleaning Products are meticulously crafted for professional car wash detailers who understand the importance of superior paint protection. Our specially designed lineup encompasses everything you need, from gentle shampoos to potent degreasers and precise spot removers.

Ditec® Cleaning Products are your trusted allies, ensuring that every vehicle you detail receives the top-tier paint protection it deserves. Tailored to meet the exacting standards of professional car wash detailers, our products are the go-to solution for shielding paint and maintaining a flawless finish.

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Top 10 cleaning products

  • Ditec Foam Wash Plus 5-25L
  • Ditec® Alkalie Degreaser Nano 5-25L
  • Ditec® Degreaser Plus 5-25L
  • Ditec® Wheel Cleaner CS 5-25L
  • Ditec® Wheel Cleaner Plus 5-25L
  • Ditec® Spot Remover 5-25L
  • Ditec Auto Shampoo 5-25L
  • Ditec® H.D Multi Cleaner 5-25L
  • Ditec Asphalt Remover 5-25L
  • Ditec Rubber Dressing 5-25L