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Ditec® Glass Treatment

Ditec® Glass Treatment, with our Ditec® Glass Protection Gen lll contributes to better view by shining up and adding a protective coating for glass surfaces.

Suitable for those who want
  • Easier cleaning
  • Water resistance
  • Better visibility
  • Increased safety

About the product

Ditec® Glass Protection Gen lll is a long-lasting protective coating for glass surfaces. It creates a water- and dust repellant layer on the glass. The inorganic molecular bond to the glass surface provides protection against salt, calcium, mineral deposits, and UV.

A Ditec® Glass treated windscreen has improved visibility in rain and darkness. Raindrops slide off easily, reducing the need for wipers. Insects and ice don’t stick as much, making them easy to remove. The treatment lasts around 10,000-15,000 kilometers, depending on wiper use.

Ditec® Glass Protection Gen lll is well suited for all kind of glass surfaces on land or at sea.


  • Insects, traffic film, dirt and ice have a poorer grip
  • Better visibility
  • Easier cleaning
  • Water resistant
  • Increased safety when driving in the dark